Brand Photography



Communicating your brand's personality and attributes is key to engaging customers.

Brand Photography is an excellent way to achieve this, whilst also introducing the human element of your brand; from headshot photography and environmental portraits; to photographic stories that capture the people behind the business.

These visual assets are fundamental components of your brand and play an important role in engaging your customers; in print, editorials and across your digital and social channels.

Headshots &

Personal Brand


'A picture is worth a thousand words', as the saying goes..

Brand photography is a very valuable tool for communicating with customers and building engagement. Introducing the people behind your brand, putting a face to a name, helps to build a rapport. For producers, it helps deliver authenticity for customers who seek provenance, and can reinforce messaging on origin and quality in your brand story. Why not get in touch for a chat on how I can help you tell your story?!


Story Telling
Headshot of David McCormack



Shot on location; in the workplace, indoors or outdoors, these portraits go beyond the headshot to capture people in their working environment, lending context to the portrait.

Environmental Portrait for Assured Services



My editorial photography service provides my clients with a set of images, commissioned to help them tell a particular story in support of a piece of communication, whether that’s online or in print. Sometimes it’s documentary, sometimes more portraiture in style; the brief dictates the approach.



I also shoot stock images for clients who need a set of assets that can be used as a source for promotional banners, posters, graphics etc. Rather than relying on generic stock libraries, this provides them with images that they own and are bespoke to the brand.

PR & Documentary


Similar to Editorial, this service provides my clients with broad asset banks that record promotional activities, document events and a day-in-the-life of the brand. These commissions have a wider scope and are often recurring, providing clients with a readily available bank of brand images they can subsequently call upon as needed.