Quality imagery helps differentiate your product, provides context and engages customers in your advertising and promotional campaigns

Enhancing taste appeal, driving your online conversion rates with high quality ecommerce packshots, and capturing the details in high quality product photography; an asset bank of imagery is critical capturing your customers’ attention.

For artisans, restaurants, producers, manufacturers or retailers; product photography plays an important role in communicating your brand message in an increasingly omnichannel environment, where the first interaction with your brand is most often online.

Building an asset bank of high quality imagery that allows you to grab your audience's attention, provides a superb return on investment.

However you sell, whether that’s online, in bricks & mortar or at the farm gate, the need for engaging product images is increasingly important. With the amount of visual content being consumed every day, you want to give your potential customer pause for thought with eye catching imagery. Why not get in touch for a chat on how I can help you tell your story?!


Story Telling
Headshot of David McCormack


In the absence of in-store touch and feel experiences, your imagery needs to sell your product. I offer my clients a full shoot and retouch service, to ensure products are presented in a high quality and consistent manner across your online store.



Bottles and beverages photographed for taste appeal; styled with serving suggestions and shot in high resolution, ready for use in advertising campaigns in print and banners across your digital channels.

Food &Produce

Provenance, sustainability, quality; this photography is focused on showcasing food as nature intended, with the subtlest of styling used to present the produce.

Product& Lifestyle

When you need more than a simple packshot. Rich, detailed and polished imagery showing products at their best, styled for advertorial applications beyond eCommerce.

Retouching &Compositing

Creating desire for your product for the viewer, enhancing taste appeal or simply presenting your imagery free from blemish; I offer my clients a full range of retouching and product enhancement services, to provide assets that reflect your wider brand messaging.


Shoot& Retouch

I can offer clients a shoot and retouch service in-house. This provides a better return on investment with retouching costs reduced, as additional costs associated with outsourcing are eliminated from the workflow.