JacobsJaffa Cakes

Packaging Design

The Brief

In an increasingly competitive category, Jacobs Jaffa Cakes have remained a firm favourite. However direct competition from supermarket own brands continue to challenge the category leaders on price so design aesthetic was increasingly important on-shelf weapon in defending market position.

Ahead of an upcoming change to the packaging keylines, their was an opportunity to revisit the original design to build a strong visual presence on shelf for shoppers, amongst the competitor noise.


Taking the existing design apart, I removed the visual clutter. This created space to significantly increase the size of the brandmark, confidently presented in a bold metallic purple, offset against a flavour cue orange base. The product shot was retained and enhanced to drive taste appeal, with a supporting orange segment pattern introduced as a subtle metallic knockout through the base colour. This new design language would provide an easily adaptable base on which to create flavour variants in the future. A promotional 100% extra free SKU was also redesigned along with a supporting SRP.

Investing in your brand and developing quality brand assets inspires confidence in your business from customers.

Packaging design is a powerful marketing tool and as new printing technologies have evolved and improved, the opportunity to revisit your visual design has become less prohibitive from a cost perspective. Creating impact on shelf is vital, to differentiate and draw shoppers’ attention.

That’s what Shepherd & Flock offers; a bespoke packaging design service for food and beverage businesses, adding value to your bottom line! Let’s have a chat about your ambitions for your brand…


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