Packaging Design

The Brief

Oatfield is a confectionery brand that has a special place in the heart of Irish families, with a stable of heritage sweets including Emeralds, Clove Drops, Glucose Barleys and Eclairs to name but a few.

They were introducing a new line of chocolate covered peanuts, raisins and toffees to their bagged range – targeting a new younger demographic – and were keen to differentiate them from the heritage range.


Conscious of the need to balance the contemporary design requirement whilst leveraging the strong brand recognition of the existing range – the final design gives a nod to the core range, utilising a sweeping panel across the front of pack that provides standout for the product name set in modern typeface. In place of the traditional candy stripe that top and tails the heritage range, I introduced a subtle honeycomb pattern overlay to provide texture to the base colour, fading the transition for an overall softer effect that differentiates the new style of confectionery in this range versus the traditional boiled sweet.

Commissioning& Art Direction

Rather than relying on stock imagery, styled product photography was commissioned and I worked with the stylist and photographer on-site to ensure we captured the correct perspective and consistency across each product SKU, whilst also showcasing each of the variant centres and thick, milk chocolate coating; as a point of differentiation versus similar confectionary products.