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The Brief

Robert Roberts is a leading beverage brand in the Irish market, supplying both trade and retail customers with a range of teas, coffees and sundries. They are particularly strong in the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant & Cafe) sector and having recently completed a rebrand of the retail tea SKU’s, they wanted to extend that rebrand into trade teas and coffees, their retail coffee range, takeaway cups and marketing materials.

Over the years, individual SKU’s had been added to the trade range, redesigned and tweaked to the point where there was very little consistency, which had impacted on brand recognition amongst existing and potential customers. Having established a new design language with the rebrand of the retail tea range, the brand needed to ensure that this was carried through into the coffee range and adapted as necessary to reposition the range with a premium aesthetic.


The design approach leveraged the properties of the different packaging materials such as metallic foil films and the use of varnishes to create subtle tactile pattern effects to drive the premium messaging; along with establishing a new typography, colour palette and visual style for marketing materials. I took the key aesthetic cues established in their rigid box retail teas and developed a flexible design approach that allowed for application at scale from polymer sacks for trade use, films and foils down to labels and paper sachets, whilst maintaining a visual consistency and cohesion with the retail tea range.

Robert Roberts Coffee Range Packaging redesign


The design treatment needed to be flexible and work across a wide variety of materials and sizes; from a full retail range of new-to-market whole bean and fresh ground SKU’s, single serving coffee sachets, sugar sticks and single use cups, to enveloped and string-and-tag teas, and catering size sacks. I also oversaw all 1st run print on site, to ensure colour consistency and print finishing was delivered to specification.

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