Print Design


Odlums are the category leaders in both retail and trade, providing a range of services and ingredient products to commercial customers. This project delivered a new design aesthetic for their trade communication collateral,establishing design elements, lock-up devices, colour palettes, stock image style, typography along with exhibition stands and recipe card templates for use across all future outputs.

Investing in your brand and developing quality brand assets inspires confidence in your business from customers.

Printed brochures and collateral still play a valuable role in communicating with prospective customers. They’re tactile and unlike emails, social media posts and other more reactive digital formats, are likely to be kept and reference again and again. They can add value to your business and enhance perceptions of your brand.

That’s what Shepherd & Flock offers; a bespoke brand tailoring service for businesses, adding value and building confidence! Let’s have a chat about your ambitions for your brand…


Brand Tailoring
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