LSS ElectricalBrand Development

Identity Design

The Brief

LSS Electrical are an established contractor servicing commercial and industrial clients for the past 15+ years. Having successfully navigated their way through the economic downturn and enjoying significant growth via word of mouth since, they were keen to establish an identity to support a drive towards larger tender based work.

With a strong pedigree in the industry and a reputation for quality, their brand was already well established in an industry where experience and contacts is key. Rather than focus on strategy, this particular brand project would focus on the visual components of the brand; a new identity, stationery and site applications.


Visibility on a working site is an important consideration for every contractor. Typically this relates to personal safety, but I also wanted to maximize the brand’s visibility on sites so created a monogram shield device, in a bold palette of contrasting yellow and black. Simplified angular lines, bold typography and contrasting colour blocking, provided LSS Electrical with a logo device that provided high visibility at any scale, from invoicing, to site uniforms, signage and vehicle livery.

Investing in your brand and developing quality brand assets inspires confidence in your business from customers.

To draw an analogy between a properly considered brand strategy and a tailored suit; it provides comfort, fits perfectly and enhances your shape; it inspires confidence and will serve you well for years. Whether it’s been created from scratch or maybe just given a ‘nip and tuck’; it’s now unique to you.

That’s what Shepherd & Flock offers – a bespoke brand tailoring service for businesses, adding value and building confidence! Let’s have a chat about your ambitions for your brand…


Brand Tailoring
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