Brochure Design

The Brief

Valeo Healthcare is one of the largest distributors of healthcare products in the country, with a portfolio of household brand names such as Kelkin, Vitabiotics, Jointace, Pregnacare Enzymedica, Aqua Biome and Spotlight Toothcare. The pharmacy team utilise printed sales brochures for their reps to highlight promotions and pricing for each cycle.

They had been relying on their printer to provide the layout designs but this had become a challenge for them. They wanted a consistent look and feel from cycle to cycle, and a design format that would be flexible enough to accomodate promotional periods without necessitating a redesign of the layout each time.


I developed a new flexible template to facilitate ease of updating, regardless of who was managing/printing a particular issue. The design solution provided flexibility to update promotions and provide some free layout brand pages, whilst locking down the core design to ensure consistency from cycle to cycle, regardless of who was working on the file.

Investing in your brand and developing quality brand assets inspires confidence in your business from customers.

Investing in good design that follows best practice principles will pay dividends to your business, with reduced costs and healthier bottom lines. Wasted print, inefficient processes and unnecessary overheads are all avoidable, when a proper design strategy is employed.

That’s what Shepherd & Flock offers, great design that delivers against your commercial and strategic goals. Let’s have a chat about your ambitions for your brand…


Brand Tailoring
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