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The Brief

Findlater & Co. were looking to launch a super premium gourmet coffee range to their trade brand portfolio, using the renowned Yirgacheffe variety as their launch roast. The quality of the roast, completed in small batches, was paramount and the final product is all about origin, roast profile and skill in its preparation.

The brief was for understated elegance in the identity and in it’s subsequent application; premium positioning yet with a conscious nod towards sustainability in origin and harvesting methods.


I developed a logo device using an abstraction of the S and E letterforms to create a monogram style icon. I combined this with an elegant, capitalised treatment of a heritage typeface and developed a rich colour palette to underpin the premium brand positioning. A set of repeating patterns based on the logo device, provided scope for stamping and foiling on packaging labels and other print collateral as required. Rather than using plastic films, craft paper packaging combined with tactile, textured labels provided scope for on demand printing, thus reducing packaging waste. The subtle use of foil along with the textured labelling also provided that premium feel the team sought.


Promotional Inserts, Pull-Up Stands, Vendor Cups and Leaflets were also designed, to provide the Findlater & Co team with a premium sales/promotional kit to go to market with.

Investing in your brand and developing quality brand assets inspires confidence in your business from customers.

Sustainability in food production, packaging and distribution is a growing concern for consumers and brands alike. This brand development project delivered on the brief in terms of brand positioning, whilst the approach to the packaging design provided for lower production costs and less waste.

That’s what I strive to deliver; a bespoke brand tailoring service for businesses, optimising your RoI without compromising on outcomes. Let’s have a chat about your ambitions for your brand…


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